Complete the Mjoor Skin System

In order to complete your Mjoor Skin System (MSS) assessment, please answer the following questions. At the end, you will receive the code number of your personalized product.
Before you begin, make sure you have the results of the Mjoor Skin Test (dryness, oiliness and wrinkles numbers) available.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to properly take the MST.

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Complete the Mjoor Skin System (MSS).

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Complete the Mjoor Skin System

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Complete the Mjoor Skin System

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Complete the Mjoor Skin System


Complete the Mjoor Skin System

We now have all the data we need. You only have to choose one from each of the following options:

By pressing ENTER you will complete the process. You will receive your personal code via email (as well as via text message if you provided your cell phone number).


Skin ageing is caused by two equally important elements: chronological age and environmental factors. Each one has a different impact on the individual. It is because of this difference that Mjoor Milano conceived the Mjoor Skin System. The MSS enables us to do a specific analysis of both the needs of your skin and the environmental stress it is subjected to, in conjunction with your life style.

The test is divided into two parts. In the first, you apply the patches on the areas indicated by the Mjoor Skin Test (forehead, cheek, wrinkles around the eyes) to characterize your type of skin (dryness, oiliness, wrinkles). This is done in the morning, at home or at the authorized location, before cleansing and applying make-up. This enables us to obtain a precise and thorough picture of your skin, while it has not yet been altered by the application of chemical substances. Only in this way, your personalized cream will contain elements specifically calibrated for the actual condition of your skin

The second part consists of seven simple but essential questions, which can be found in the Mjoor Skin System page.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the Mjoor Skin System (the MST skin test results, plus the seven questions). You will then receive your personal alphanumeric code, with which you can finalize your product selection (day cream, night cream, face serum, eye cream, eye serum) and purchase it at your chosen authorized location. If you prefer, you can ask your skin care specialist (at your chosen location) to enter your information on your behalf.

Your selected product will be available for pick-up within a few days.