crema di bellezza


Mjoor Milan has a unique philosophy, just like our products. Like a tailored suit, every cream and serum is created to match your skin's needs, age, and life-style.

"If we could know what our skin needs, we would probably purchase different cosmetics, and we would nourish it with what is necessary."

The needs of your skin vary not only with age but also with the change of seasons, of life-style, and your environmnent. The choice of skincare products is often influenced by factors that do not always meet the real needs of your skin. An over-the-counter, generic, anti-wrinkle or hydrating cream is insufficient to effectively prevent and treat the signs of aging.

Mjoor Milan was created to give a scientific and specialized personal answer to the needs of your skin.


We select ingredients from only European producers after careful data analysis of skin sensitivity and dermatologic effectiveness. Our raw materials are pure, certified, of biotechnological or plant-based origin, and are the most innovative available today.

All of Mjoor Milan products comply with the most stringent European safety regulations. They are registered, one by one, on the European Cosmetic Portal. Their production path can be easily traced and accessed from the origin of each ingredient to your customized cream or serum.

Based on the results of the Mjoor Skin System (MSS), our laboratories are able to create more than 48,000 individualized and specialized products, divided into five different lines (face-day cream, face-night cream, face serum, eye serum, eye cream).

Mjoor Milano eliminates all of the unnecessary and potentially dangerous ingredients commonly used in cosmetics. The end product is a highly-effective, unique program which responds to the needs of your skin.

An effective beauty treatment must continue to evolve with your skin: Mjoor Milano is an evolving, personalized skin care program.