HOW CAN I OBTAIN A MJOOR SKIN TEST TO ANALYZE MY SKIN? The Mjoor Skin Test can be obtained at a licencesed location, click here for a list , or by sending your request via email to info@mjoormilano.it

WHY DO I HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST IN THE MORNING? All-around product personalization is Mjoor Milano's underlying philosophy. A precise and thorough picture of your skin can only be obtained by taking into account those factors which have the greatest effect on it (age, lifestyle, location, season, skin flaws, smoking) along with the measurement of the skin's five essential parameters (forehead and cheeks hydration, forehead and cheeks oiliness, wrinkles around the eyes). For scientific accuracy, the latter must be measured before cleansing and applying make-up. This enables our laboratories to select the right amount of nutrients your skin needs.

WHY DO I HAVE TAKE A NEW TEST EVERY TIME I ORDER A NEW PRODUCT? Our skin is constantly evolving. A standardized cream cannot effectively follow such variations. Change in season, a particular climate, sun-light exposure, cell ageing, lifestyle changes (more time spent outdoors, the decision to quit smoking, frequent trips to different latitudes, ...) all need to be scientifically taken into account. To assure the best possible product, Mjoor Milano needs to have an updated skin profile of its customers' skin, which can only be obtained through a new skin test.

WHAT IS THE TEXTURE AND ABSORBTION OF MADE TO MEASURE CREAMS? All Mjoor Milano personalized products contain only elements specifically calibrated for the actual condition of your skin, with the exact combination and concentration of nutrients your skin needs. They include no harmful ingredients (colorants, parabens, petroleum, paraffin, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils) and all products have a light and non-greasy texture.

HOW ARE CREAMS AND SERUMS CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR ME? Upon completion of the two-part Mjoor Skin System you will receive a personal code number. This is the result of an algorthm that combines the 12 parameters you provided (the information about your lifestyle and environmental factors that affect your skin along with its five characteristics) and turns them into components and exact concentrations.

WHAT SCENT CHOICES ARE OFFERED? Fragrance preferences are individual. Therefore, Mjoor leaves it to its clients to choose their favorite scent, or none at all. Since most fragrances used in cosmetic products cause skin irritations or allergic reactions, we selected a few high-tolerance ones that are used in minimum quantities.

CAN I ORDER A PERSONALIZED CREAM OR SERUM WITHOUT TAKING THE SKIN TEST? No, you cannot. The levels of the three principal characteristics of the skin (dryness, oiliness and wrinkles) obtained through the Mjoor Skin Test (MST) have to be inserted into a mathematical algorithm, the results of which allow us to identify the product best suited for your skin among more than 48,000 possible combinations.   

WHAT IS SO INNOVATIVE ABOUT MJOOR PRODUCTION PROCESS? Mjoor devised an innovative process that goes beyond traditional cosmetic production. Based on the results of the Mjoor Skin System, our laboratories can produce minimum quantities, as small as 30 grams, with the same stability and safety parameters of a mass manufacturing process. There is no common base: every cream and serum is created by selecting, weighing, and combining each of the active ingredients with the purest and most innovative molecules available today.