Made to measure

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Mjoor Milano is a revolution in the field of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals thanks to its innovative approach to skin care. Individualized creams and serums are created one at a time, and they are specifically customized for each of our clients by combining an innovative manufacturing process with our unique “Made to Measure” system.

The outcome is a product that perfectly meets the needs of your skin, just like a custom-tailored suit.

Mjoor Milano’s pioneering vision radically sets it apart from mass cosmetic production. No Mjoor cream or serum is ready-made: each product is uniquely crafted using an algorithm that cross-checks scientific skin analysis with the individual variables which affect one's skin health. That is precisely why Mjoor creams and serums cointain exclusively what your skin really needs, in the exact concentration. There is not one single superfluous molecule.


Every product is created based on the results of the two-part Mjoor Skin-System test (MMS).

The MSS combines the levels of the three principal characteristics of the skin (dryness, oiliness and wrinkles) with the information you provide about your life style. This is obtained through our simple on-line questionnaire.

A mathematical algorithm combines the data from the MSS, allowing us to identify the product best suited for your skin amongst tens of thousands of possible combinations.

The final result is the creation of a product adapted to respond to the biological needs of your skin, which is then regenerated and restructured. Each product contains the optimum concentration of the purest active ingredients for an effective and personalized anti-aging program.

mjoor skin test

Every cream and serum is an element of the anti-ageing program that Mjoor Milano devises to cater for your skin's evolving needs.